Top wholesale perfume distributors

Welcome to Marhaba Perfumes, Top wholesale perfume distributors in india. We are a wholesale company with outlets in Manjeri, Chemmad, and Triur. We specialize in perfumes and attars in Arabic, French, Indian perfumes. We also have Bakhoor and Oud in our selection for usage in the office, on vacation, or at home. Through direct procurement from manufacturing businesses, we guarantee the availability of authentic and high-quality products at low costs. You can rely on Marhaba Perfumes as your go-to source for wholesale perfume distributors since they offer the best selection and level of experience in the scent business.

We entered in manufacturing also. We launched a series of Classic and Golden attars and Pocket perfumes, all products No alchohol and No gas.


We aims to be a finest perfumery and re-seller in India, always probable and meeting the passion and preferences of our discerning customers and bringing them tranquility through the medium of fragrance.


We excite, inspire, innovate and soothe the human spirit, one person ­and one bottle at a time. We dare the quo and constantly explore new compound for unique output.