Our Retail Shops

Marhaba Thirur (Wholesale Showroom)

Marhaba Tirur emerges as the premier destination for fragrance enthusiasts as the top perfume store in Kerala. Our wholesale store, which opened two years ago, has a large selection of premium brands that are obtained directly from manufacturers in India and beyond. Being one of the top providers of perfume in South India, we provide authentic items at the most competitive prices. Along with our own labels, we stock popular fragrance brands that include body treatments, aftershaves, and classic, celebrity-inspired perfumes. Discover unmatched knowledge and pricing that are incredibly affordable at Marhaba Tirur.

Call us: 9447126507

Marhaba Manjery

Our Manjery shop is our first business venture, started in the year of 2005 December 5th. Inauguration done by Late Payyanad Thangal. We selling all major designer fragrance brands, Bahoor, Arabian and Indian Agarwood, Oud oil and celebrity perfumes, aftershaves and body products with unrivaled expertise at value for money prices.

Call us: 9447126507

Marhaba Chemmad


Marhaba Chemmad retail shop is our third venture. Within short time span we expand our business to Chemmad also. Like our other shops here also we selling all major fragrance brands, Agarwoods, Oud oils, Bakhoor and many classic vs celebrity perfumes, aftershaves and body products with attractive prices. The shop located near Kodinhi road, Mamburam.

Call us: 9447126507